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Not to be confused with Vizio , a consumer electronics company.

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Office Microsoft Docs. Retrieved August 26, The Verge. Retrieved August 15, Retrieved December 12, July 16, New file format. Retrieved March 31, Visio Help. Archived from the original on June 24, Retrieved April 6, Archived from the original on April 18, May 1, The ribbon. Microsoft Office website. Archived from the original on March 31, Retrieved March 8, News Center.

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Las Vegas : Microsoft. May 7, July 27, Rasmussen, Anders Ingeman Retrieved October 15, Just another tech blog. March 25, Reverse-engineering generates UML shapes from C code, creating UML design docs: a detailed code map illustrating the classes, their properties and methods, and relationships between them. However, VS only generates classes in the "Model Explorer" view, and doesn't show class relationships inheritance and references.

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AssemblyToVisio fixes this shortcoming. Visual Studio for Enterprise Architects has a reverse-engineer option. Select "Database Model Diagram". In VEA, you must apply code changes manually to the UML model or reverse-engineer the code into a new UML model and thus lose all your documentation, use case diagrams, and so on. Any existing element that isn't reverse-engineered during the process is lost. Access Sample: Report Topics contains sample reports that demonstrate how to perform a variety of reporting tasks.

https://haubrinbuyterfherthou.tk Visio's issues have opened up an opportunity for vendors such as Sparx from Australia. All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy Last updated. Microsoft Visio Here are my notes on flowcharting UML and other charts using Microsoft's Visio product, organized in a different way than Microsoft's Help files and training documents. Product Information Don't have Visio? For Facilities Managers: Space Plans.

Includes a library of exact-replica hardware shapes, AutoDiscovery for automatic creation of network and Active Directory services and Reporting. Get live support from experts through Keen. Configuration Here are the customizations I prefer after installation is complete: Tools, Options, General tab, Check "Open last f ile on startup" Input 9 in "Re c ently used file list" Right-click on one of the Stencils to select "Icons O nly". So either scroll to a blank location before pasting or use Bill Morein's suggestion of setting Visio to paste on the same location as the copied shape as OpenOffice does by default using a macro using these functions: ActiveWindow.

Unlike all other Microsoft apps, select multiple Visio items by holding down the Shift key not the Ctrl key. Enhanced contact management through the Business Contact Manager. Office Project Support for custom templates. Support for 3D Gantt Charts. Allows sharing of project data using SharePoint services. Enhanced analysis and cost resource management.

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Data analysis preview - allows project changes and impact analysis without saving data. Office Visio Integration with external data sources.

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Generation of statistical summaries using PivotDiagrams. This also allows visualization of data groups and hierarchical relationships. Office Publisher Automatically convert documents between different.