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As the Associate Dean of the Main library, she works on expanding the role of the library and reputation - nationally, regionally and globally - in education and research.

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Prior to returning to the library in March , Eid was the University Ombuds between and Since , she has worked in the AUC Libraries except during the early 90s when she was appointed as the founding Director of the Misr formerly Mubarak Public Library. Eid was responsible for the establishment, operation and management of the MPL project, an international cooperation agreement between the German Bertelsmann Foundation, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and the Integrated Care Society.

She has long established experience in leadership, library administrative, management, building planning, Outreach, fundraising and public events. She was responsible for the collection development of materials and resources in the field of the Middle East and Islamic Studies for Main and Rare Books and Special Collections Libraries.

Skylla, a six-headed sea monster who claimed the lives of hundreds of sailors, inspired even more terror than her mother, while Herophile Sibyl, the gentler daughter, could still fill your heart with dread just by mentioning your name in one of her dramatic prophecies. As a punishment for his insolence, Aphrodite transformed him into an ugly, lipless shark.

In a more roundabout way, Lamia is also the mother of dozens of other monsters.

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She was such a dreaded figure in Greek culture that common people began to pluralize her, thinking of her as a collection of ravenous monsters the Lamiae rather than a single, ill-fated woman. Over time, the Lamiae may have spawned many other folk monsters, including succubi and vampires.

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Her reign of terror continued straight through the Middle Ages, when she was persecuted by the newborn Christian church and became associated with witchcraft, into the Renaissance, when her Greek tradition was revitalized in paintings and texts. Following the Renaissance, Lamia was celebrated by the poets and painters of the Romantic period, who emphasized the tragedy of her story rather than the horror of her monstrous form. In the last two decades, she has appeared in multiple award-winning short stories and novels. She figured prominently in a TV series and movie written by Neil Gaiman, and her name has even been referenced in modern rock ballads.

The most famous and controversial story about Lamia is how she went from beautiful queen to dreaded serpent, forced to crawl through the dust of the earth on her rainbow-scaled stomach.

Most myths agree that Hera transformed Lamia into a serpent, but some of them exclude this punishment. At the very least, she took all the children away from Lamia. She made the poor woman unable to close her eyes, either so she would be forced to watch her children be destroyed or so she would be unable to sleep at night.

The weight of this final curse was unbearable to Lamia; according to some stories, she tore her own eyes out in despair, but in other stories, Zeus took pity on her and gave her ability to remove her eyes whenever she wanted without doing damage to them. Fortunately, both marriages were interrupted by famous sages, who warned the men of their danger before Lamia had a chance to turn their honeymoon into a blood-feast. Lamia is just the Greek demonization of the Babylonian Goddess of the night and sex, Lilitu The Lilith of Judaism is fake, they admit it.

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