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Earth - The Core - Documentary HD 2017

The solid iron inner core is about the size of the Moon. It is surrounded by the liquid outer core, an iron alloy, whose convection-driven movement generates the geomagnetic field. The fact that Earth's internal magnetic field changes slowly, over a timescale of decades, means that the electromagnetic force responsible for pushing the inner and outer cores will itself change over time.

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Other previous research based on archeological artefacts and rocks, with ages of hundreds to thousands of years, suggests that the drift direction has not always been westwards: some periods of eastwards motion may have occurred in the last 3, years. Viewed within the conclusions of the new model, this suggests that the inner core may have undergone a westwards rotation in such periods.

Using a new method, they were able to simulate Earth's core with an accuracy about times better than other models. Materials provided by University of Leeds.

Earth's inner core

Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Story Source: Materials provided by University of Leeds.

Journal Reference : P. Livermore, R.

The Earth’s Free Oscillations and the Differential Rotation of the Inner Core

Hollerbach and A. Electromagnetically driven westward drift and inner-core superrotation in Earth's core. New insights solve year-old problem.

ScienceDaily, 16 September Physical description. Local notes. Includes bibliographical references.

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Print version record. Romanowicz, H. Tkalcic, and L.

Observations of the field

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  • The Earth’s Free Oscillations and the Differential Rotation of the Inner Core.

Print version:: ; ISBN: Bibliography Illustrated text. Summary This volume contains 17 papers that are a mixture of presented papers from the Geophysical Union session on Core Dynamics, held in the Fall of in San Francisco, and invited papers for this volume.


Earth's inner core

An international group of contributors present their research on topics grouped under the broad themes of seismology, mineral physics, geomagnetics and geodynamics, and geodosy. Individual topics include the Earth's free oscillations and the differential rotation of the inner core, complexity in PKP travel time data, thermal core-mantle interactions, and the core and fluctuations in the Earth's rotation. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc. Holdings information at the University of Warwick Library Requesting live circulation data Live circulation data is not available.